Wk 11 — Student Choice — Part 4

One strength of 1 was that it was similar to the vision I had in mind when creating this piece and maybe even stronger because of the contrast between the reflection and the subject in real life.

One weakness of 1 was that it the message I wanted to create but was not as clear as I wanted unless I explain it.

One of the people that critiqued me mentioned that I should try to capture a closer image to the subject to make a bigger impact with my piece for my second image.

This time around I tried to add other aspects to the image to create a clear message. I added a crown and created a bigger contrast with color on the second piece.

I feel like my second draft turned out better than the first because I added a few other aspects to help create the message I wanted to share. During the first draft I felt that my first image was stronger than the second image but this time I feel like they are both good because the message is clearer.




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Megan Shin

Megan Shin

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