Week 7 — Art Activity — Collabor-8

Two friends, Strawberry and April, had a sleepover to have the full day to hang out the next day.
They both started off the morning a banana for breakfast since it is light.
They both filled up their water bottles with water to prepare for the full day ahead.
They were then ready to go out but made sure to take their masks since there is a global pandemic going on.
They both love to play golf so they started off their day with some miniture golf.
To their surprise they met with their other friends there and decided to invite them along in their adventure.
By the time they finished playing, it was lunch time so they decided to take their meals to go and eat at a local park.
They drove for a long time to get to their next location.
The group ended up at the beach to walk around with a pretty view.
Because of the long drive, they were able to see the sunset at the beach and noticed the pretty and pink skies.
Strawberry was reminded of this flower in front of her house when she watched the sunset.
They got home and were hungry but it was really late so they decided to eat healthy for dinner.