I chose to make a Christmas card because I normally handmake cards for holidays or celebrations. Additionally, as the holidays are coming up I wanted to try creating a card that shows my art skills like drawings.

It turned out better than I intended because my drawing skills are not the greatest and this shows what I wanted to show.

I would try coloring better and filling more of the empty space next time.

Dynamx Physical Therapy

Dynamx Physical Therapy is a clinic that offers one on one quality physical therapy, hand therapy, and recovery treatments for different conditions. Based on the location of the injury, they use different methods to treat them. Additionally, they have multiple people working in their different locations and…

At the beginning of the semester, I believed art to be anything that you can create that requires your imagination. For example, when drawing a picture, it requires your creative thoughts to flow to create the end product or to create a piece using what you see in front of…

Megan Shin

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